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Lisa Power, Data Protection Officer with Carne Group, will discuss the rights of data subjects, how data breaches occur and the fines and penalties that ensue. Alan Higgins, Director of Ingenium Digital, will give a first-hand perspective on developing a data privacy policy and completing a Data Privacy Impact Assessment as part of the HSE procurement process.

Medical Device Regulation EU

Peter Donnelly, MedZone Solutions will explain what MDR is, how to comply, the benefits of compliance and the consequences of non-compliance.

Aidan Boran,, will discuss his journey through the MDR framework to having Gaitkeeper classified as a Class 1 medical device.

Interoperability in healthcare apps

Interoperability is the ability of different information systems, devices and applications to access, exchange, integrate and cooperatively use data in a coordinated manner, within and across organisational, regional and national boundaries, to provide timely and seamless portability of information and optimize the health of individuals and populations globally.

For product developers, marketers, and innovators, a good understanding of customer needs is fundamental. Learn a basic framework for defining customer needs, as well as practical tips on how to identify needs through research that will improve your innovation success rates.

Intellectual Property and Patents

This webinar will help innovators to understand their rights and responsibilities around intellectual property ownership.

Cybersecurity: From Cost Centre To Competitive Differentiator

As businesses, large and small, develop a data-driven culture data privacy and security become progressively more important.
Ray Mahon, IBM will address charting your cybersecurity roadmap, identifying and securing vulnerabilities to developing a cybersecure culture.

Traceability for Digital Health -Getting it Right March 1st 2022 Cluster, GS1, dConnect

The session will provide insight into the requirements and opportunities of barcoding & traceability in Healthcare with a specific focus on getting it right, so that you can scale your company.

Building Apps For Healthcare

This session provides insight into the unique challenges of Building Apps for Healthcare. Drawing on the depth of experience of entrepreneurs who have faced and overcome the regulatory challenges the workshop will discuss the strategy and skills needed to bring Apps to the healthcare marketplace.

This workshop discussed what problems A.I. can solve for your business (and what it can’t do), how developing a data #strategy is crucial for successful adoption of A.I. and what value A.I. is delivering to businesses today.

Speaker: Dr. Iain Keaney, AI Engineer & Strategist

How to Negotiate with an Investor

Negotiation is a life skill and particularly relevant in Sales and Investment. This workshop provides guidance on what to consider when negotiating, how to prepare and conduct a negotiation for best outcomes.

Funding and Cross-border Opportunities

This session discuss your business and talk to experts on funding and cross border opportunities relevant to you. The session was co-hosted by the global network, European Healthcare Alliance, with national and international speakers.

There is a huge need now to ensure data privacy and security across all industries. Data collection and analysis is becoming an integral part of business strategy and with that comes responsibility. It is imperative that businesses, large and small, develop a data-driven culture to optimally use data in decision making. Equally important is awareness and implementation of cybersecurity. This workshop will help your organisation to build an analytical roadmap mindset.

Implementing a Framework for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is inevitable for all organisations, whether providing solutions to the healthcare system or as a healthcare provider. National and international best practice will be stepped through. The role of digital transformation in achieving operational efficiency and strategic innovation will be examined.

Medical Device Regulation (EU)

As the new Medical Device Regulation rolls out across Europe companies, including those with Digital Health solutions, face new regulations in order to get their solutions to market. All companies face challenges in ensuring understanding the new MDR. They need to ensure that their processes, quality management systems and outputs meet the new regulatory requirements.

Healthcare is moving digital and much of the innovation is leveraging the use of mobile technology. Within the healthcare setting, mobile devices are being used to communicate across various staff groups and from healthcare practitioners to patients/family. Outside the clinical setting, patients are being monitored via mobile technologies and there is increased emphasis on self-care and self-management.

Why attend this workshop?
To build an understanding of needs, challenges, opportunities, benefits and progress in eHealth digital transformation. To understand the importance of speaking to customers and users to understand their needs.

Ensuring Enterprise Resiliency through Data Integrity

Data Quality and Integrity is fundamental to long term organisational success and informs key decision making across many Healthcare and business sectors.

Quality-committed organisations recognise the need to improve their data practices and prevent data loss or corruption.

Launch of dConnect

dConnect is a bridge between business, the healthcare sector, universities and society. Early-stage businesses have access to education and a network to support their growth. Large businesses and investors have a view of leading-edge innovation. dConnect’s aim is to stimulate and enhance growth in Ireland’s Digital Health sector through partnerships and knowledge-sharing, bringing together entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, investors and corporations to deliver disruptive technologies that will revolutionise healthcare.

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