Digital healthcare experts predict a positive future

Digital healthcare experts predict a positive future

#Healthcareinvestment worldwide was the highest it has ever been in Q4 of last year. Much of the surge can be attributed to investment in digital/connected health. Paul Sonnier, digital health thought-leader, spoke to increased investment in genomics, wellness, sports and fitness also.

Damon Phillips, entrepreneurship scholar and Professor of Social Enterprise Columbia Business School remarked that implementing technology, analysing data and ensuring access to care is paramount.

William Taranto, president of the GIobal Health Innovation Fund, sees #healthmonitoring as the focus in the near-term, in particular for diabetes, cardiovascular health, mental health and oncology. #Blockchain and #drone capabilities will enable supply chain improvements.

Another prevalent topic among the experts was how to get Paid for Prevention. Companies who enable this prevention cannot be reimbursed via the mechanisms currently in place.

In our connected world healthcare will look very different in just a few years but there are still large questions to address: data security & interoperability, proof of benefit in the real-world, and payment for prevention.

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