Ensuring Enterprise Resiliency through Data Integrity

Ensuring Enterprise Resiliency through Data Integrity
June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021

Why attend?

Event description

Data Quality and Integrity is fundamental to long term organisational success and informs key decision making across many Healthcare and business sectors.

Quality-committed organisations recognise the need to improve their data practices and prevent data loss or corruption.

Why attend this workshop?

To understand the importance of data integrity and the impact of bad data on your business. Lack of Stakeholder understanding and buy-in will be a barrier to successful IT systems delivery and impact enterprise resiliency so ensuring upfront engagement is key.

Compromised data is of little value, not to mention the dangers presented by sensitive data loss. This workshop will outline why maintaining Data Integrity should be a core business focus, and how to implement best practices across your organisation so that your data can provide real value.

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